—¬†09/15-30/2015 —

Lara connected me with Gloria (Works in the Education Department of Barefoot) who then connected me with Aakash Piplani (Another member of the Education Department).

After email introductions, Aakash and I chatted via Skype and I found out that the Skype Call may not work because¬†of the connectivity/wifi is non-existent in the Night Schools. He mentioned the possibility for the 8th-Grade World Cultures Class and the Night Schools to ‘send over videos of each of our different cultures and daily lives’. This was a great idea and real step towards Awareness.

Although I was disappointed that the Interactive Skype Session would not work with the Night Schools, Aakash told me that there might be wifi during the Barefoot College Children Parliament Conference and that our class might be able to interact with the Children’s Parliament.

The Skype Call with the Night Schools was still apart of the biggest of my goals. I made it a point that next time I visited the Barefoot College, I would help fix the issues with wifi/connectivity, so I provided this wonderful experience to my surrounding community. I was determined.

In the meantime, I had introduced the 8th-Grade World Cultures teacher to the Barefoot College. She was super excited with my ideas and the prospect of having the Barefoot College experience incorporated into her ‘South Asia’ unit.

This teacher would become one of greatest support/allies through all of my future endeavors to make a difference.


PHASE 1: The Skype Call Developments and more…

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