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One of my goals for this year was to introduce my Physics teacher to the Barefoot College so I could slowly implement a similar Solar/Renewable Energy Barefoot Initiative into the Curriculum as a ‘Unit’.

This is Step 1

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From: Sankuratri, Yeshwin <yeshsank@haverford.org>
Subject: An Introduction to the Barefoot College
To: Jamison Maley <jmaley@haverford.org>
Cc: Andrew Poolman <apoolman@haverford.org>, Jini Loos <jloos@haverford.org>, Kori Brown <kbrown@haverford.org>, Lauren Remedios <lauren@barefootcollege.org>, “Gloria .” <gloria@barefootcollege.org>

Dear Mr. Maley, 

I hope you are enjoying a splendid spring holiday all over India and a successful second semester! I wanted to introduce you to a project I worked on with Mr. Greytok and Ms. Nelson in the Middle School and am continuing to work on with Mr. Poolman, Ms. Loos, and Mrs. Brown. 
I visit India annually and recently on one of my many trips I went to visit a Non-profit Organization known as the Barefoot College. My Experience at the Barefoot College is one that I will always cherish. I believe that introducing The Haverford School into this organization would not only help bring our community come together but will also help give a chance to the many underprivileged people that are cast down in the world. I believe that the students here should understand how privileged they are to not only to be studying in this prestigious school but to be going to school and being educated at all. We were extremely successful last year in portraying this message and we hope to continue the momentum into this year and beyond. 
What I witnessed while staying at the Barefoot College (in Tilonia, Rajasthan) was really a harmonious sight. Everyone there was a team and understanding of each other. I have also had great support from the officials at the Barefoot College and have been working with them for the past 2-3 years. This has been a very long process but I believe that it is all for the greater good. I thought it would be an excellent time for me to welcome you to this project as it is time to expand the Haverford School’s relationship with the Barefoot College. 
I would love for you to be apart of my mission to introduce Barefoot College’s solar power initiative into the likes of many students in the Haverford School. I believe that you are the perfect candidate to lead my solar power mission in the school. We can talk more about how to incorporate their Solar intiative into the Haverford School. 
I hope you find my project fascinating and I am really looking forward to working with you in the future. I’d like to talk to you in person when you return but, in the meantime, I wanted to provide you with a few links that I thought you would enjoy. 
Here is a link about Barefoot’s Solar Intiative: 
Here is the Link for My Blog (it is still in the works) – 
Here’s a little something about Barefoot College: 

In 1971, Sanjit “Bunker” Roy set up Barefoot College in a small community called Tilonia in Rajasthan, India. The drive to set up the College was and is to find simple, sustainable, and local solutions to water, renewable energy, education, healthcare, and livelihood. Following the lifestyle of Gandhi, the College is the only organization built by the poor, for the poor, and for the last forty-three years, it is managed, controlled, and owned by the poor.

Here are the links to some sites that may help you:

– More information about The Barefoot College is available at www.barefootcollege.org

– More information about the affiliated U.S. organization at http://www.fobc-usa.org/

– Barefoot College TED Talk (how I got introduced) http://www.ted.com/talks/bunker_roy.html?embed=true

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Yeshwin Sankuratri – –
 Form III Student 
The Haverford School for Boys  

Introduction to Physics Curriculum – Step 1

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