— 08/07/2016 —

In 2016, during one of the first days of the next school year, the Head of the Middle School and the Head of the Lower School asked me if I could lead a new initiative in the Second Grade. It was meant to be a project to begin to expose the younger grades to outside environment and unique cultures. They wanted me to present about India’s culture and language, but most importantly, they wanted me to begin to challenge the students to think beyond themselves.

I took this as an opportunity to expand the movement which I had formed the previous year and I introduced them to the Barefoot College night school. I showed them videos of some of the children of the night school in India talking about their daily life, pictures about my visit to the Barefoot College, and how it all changed my perspective and vision. The children of the second grade were so eager to learn more and I was very impressed with how attentive they were.

It was a wonderful experience and since then I have been doing this every year for the 2nd grade. I hope to hold an Interactive Video Conference with these students as well in the near future.

Expanding the Movement: 2nd Grade

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